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How to identify hot tub pumps.

How to identify hot tub pumps. So your pump has failed you. If a new pump is the way forward identifying your pump is very important. Not all pumps are the same. Firstly check your failed pump for stickers or metal plates. Vital information can be found if your lucky....

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Hot Tub Delivery Oakham

Hot Tub Delivery Oakham Rutland. The very popular Platinum Spas Refresh, delivered and installed. The access was a little awkward but once again, we managed to squeeze the spa in. As you can see the spa looks well in this lovely garden. The Refresh is a excellent...

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How To Use Test Strips

How to use test strips in hot tub water. Weather you own a hot tub, spa or jacuzzi you will need test strips. These strips measure various elements in your water. For instance chlorine/bromine being your sanitiser. As well as ph, TA, and total hardness levels. The...

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Platinum Spas Refresh

Platinum Spas Refresh Hot Tub. If you are looking for a family hot tub take a closer look at this spa Offering seating for 6 adults including a lounger. Also LED lighting with multi functions. A lighted...

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Aquafinesse Water Care Pack

Aquafinesse Water Care Pack with Chlorine. If your looking for a water care treatment which is environmentally friendly, look no further. This system uses a very small amount of Chlorine. Do you feel like you need to shower after using your hot tub. Does this spoil...

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Rio Hot Tub Delivery

Rio Hot Tub Delivery & installation in Nottingham. Being a very portable spa makes this ideal if you have access issues. Due to it's size it will fit through a standard doorway. So in your front door through the house and out the back door. What more could you ask...

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