How to identify hot tub pumps.

So your pump has failed you. If a new pump is the way forward identifying your pump is very important. Not all pumps are the same. Firstly check your failed pump for stickers or metal plates. Vital information can be found if your lucky.

The information you are looking for is as follows;
1. The pump manufacturer?
2. Frame size? 48 or 56.
3. Horsepower, you need to ensure the correct hp replacement.
4. Is it a single of two speed pump?
6. Intake and discharge size? Generally this will be either 1.5 inch or 2 inch. However some pumps have a 2.5 intake and 2 inch discharge.
For more info please see,

It is better if you can source a pump from the same manufacturer. This should mean the unions and pipework should marry back up nicely. Should a different make be the only way minor adjustments maybe needed. If you are still unsure which pump you require please contact us. And if we can we will help.