Davey SpaQuip Parts.

Davey SpaQuip Parts are sometimes known as Spa Power parts. These are commonly found on Sapphire Spas. We have a comprehensive range of control boxes, heaters, PCB’s and touchpads. Additionally all our spares are genuine Davey Spa Quip parts. Furthermore they all come with a manufacturers 1 year warranty. Should you need any advice reference finding the correct parts. Please feel free to contact us we will be happy to assist. 


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Sapphire spas where manufactured in Australia. They were imported into the UK from approx 2005 to 2014. The range offered quality spas with Western Red Cedar Cabinets. With seating options from the 3 seater Sunset Beach through to the 8 seater Montego Bay. The most popular spa by far was the Coral Sands. Which was a 6 seater spa which included a lounger. Furthermore all the spas used Davey Spaquip controls. Finally most of the hot tubs had either a Waterway or Aquaflow pumps.