Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Hot Tub Coverlifters from Cover Valet

We have a selection of coverlifters to suit different situations. Our Lifters are from Cover Valet and Aqua Lift.  Whatever shape your spa might be we can offer a lifter to suit. You might have limited space around your tub. Likewise you may want to sink your hot tub in to decking so a particular type maybe the answer. Similarly you may want a gas assited or easy lift coverlifter. Also we offer cabinet fitting and base mount options. All the cover lifters are of the highest quality and come with all fixings and detailed instructions. A durable powder coated finish accompanied by stainless steel hardware is standard. The under base mounts are very stable and mean no direct fixing to the cabinet. Finally the weight of the filled spa will hold the lifter base plate therefore offering excellent stability.

We can also offer a fitting service on all coverlifters (in Leicestershire  & Rutland) at £50 Inc VAT per lifter.
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