Relax 6/7 Seater

Luxury Hot Tub Hire

Relax Hire Spa – hire rates


7 Day Hire only – Deliver on Thursday, collect on Thursday – from £275


Payment by cheque shall be cleared before delivery, or by cash on delivery.

Delivery is free in Leicestershire and Rutland; please contact us for delivery costs outside these counties.


The Relax family hot tub spa a 7 seater and is the largest spa we have for hire with 18 jets. Also LED lights, lighted waterfall, 2 speed pump, and 2 topside air controls this is the ultimate hire spa. The Relax will be delivered on a trolley so please ensure you have suitable access prior to booking.


Relax spa specifications:

7 Person Spa – Includes 4 Corner Lumbar Arch Support Seats
Roto Moulded Shell
Water Capacity – 1100 litres
Dimensions 203cm x 203cm x 82cm High
Dry Weight 130kg

Filled Weight 1075kg
Deluxe Thermal Hard Cover Included
Cover Lifter For Easy Removal
18 Adjustable Water Jets
2 Speed Pump
2 Top Side Air Controls

6 Cup/Glass Holders
Heater – Balboa 2Kw
Balboa Digital Control System
LED Multi Coloured Lighting & Waterfall
25 sq ft Filter
13amp Supply required

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During Your Hire Period

If during your hire period you have any issues with the “mode settings” please follow the instructions below.

The spa is preset to ST Standard Mode. However the modes can be changed and sometimes the user does this by accident. To change the mode from EC Economy or SL Sleep back to ST Standard. Press either the “cool or warm” button then the “light” button with each press. The display will scroll through the different modes. Stop pressing the button when you see “ST” on the screen. This will set it to Standard shortly after this the “temp” will come back on the screen. You will know if you have done this correctly because whilst in Standard Mode it only shows the “temp” on the screen. If its set to EC or SL this will rotate with the temp on the screen.

Please note ref delivery
This is the largest spa we have for hire and will be delivered on a trolley. Please ensure you have suitable access to get the spa to your preferred site before booking. The access will need to be at approx 90cms wide, 220cms clear in height the trolley the spa will be on is 85cms wide. There should be no sharp turns in a restricted area and no steps (more than one) also be aware of flues. Watch out for down pipes and wall lights and any other restrictions that may hinder the delivery and spoil your day.

What you require at home

Base or site
A flat level base to site the Relax. This can be slabbed, concrete, blocks, decking or any firm hard standing. Grassed areas are not allowed but in some cases using such as OSB board (2 x 8ft x 4ft boards) or similar this may be possible. Only if the ground is flat and level please consult us for advice.

Electric and water supply

You will also require of course access to electric and a water supply. All our hot tubs and spas come with a cable and plug. However if this will not reach your supply please ensure that you have a suitable extension cable available. The spa will be filled using your hosepipe from your domestic supply. If you do not have a hosepipe please let us know and we can bring one for you to use. The Relax will take approx 12hrs (up to 18hrs during the winter months and 24hrs in extreme weather conditions) to heat up to full temperature.

All the spas can be helped to reach full temperature by using hot water from the household domestic supply. Adding 15/20 buckets of hot water will help speed up the heating process. If you have the facility to utilise a hot water tap and combi boiler to fill the spa this will help. The target temperature can be reached by the time the spa is full and it will be ready to be used.

Extend your hire
Should you enjoy your hot tub or spa experience so much you would like to extend your hire period please contact us for a quote on the additional costs.

Try before you buy
Should you decide during your hire you wish to purchase the hot tub or spa you are hiring. Or any other hot tub or spa we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Should you wish to purchase the hot tub or spa you have on hire. We will be happy to include your hire costs in any agreed price. All hot tubs and spas shall still be subject to a guarantee in these circumstances.

You will be supplied with ample chemicals for the duration of your hire period. DO NOT USE OR ADD ANY OTHER CHEMICALS TO YOUR WATER OTHER THAN THOSE SUPPLIED BY US. Not even bubble bath, foam bath or washing up liquid of any description. Failure to comply with these instructions may cause SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE BODY AND SKIN.


We do not recommend children under 10 years old use the spa. Please ensure that if any children will be using the hot tub or spa that they are fully supervised at all times “Leicester Hot Tub Hire Ltd” will not be held responsible for any accidents whilst the hot tub or spa is in your care during your hire period.

Anyone with any health issues or taking any medication should not use the hot tub or spa without consulting their doctor first.

Please also note no adult or child should sit on the filter housing at any time this is a suction area. Do not remove the filter housing top whilst the spa is running.


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