Holiday Let Hot Tubs Spas.

Our Holiday Let Hot Tubs are made in the USA

Holiday Let Hot Tubs and Spas. It is now law that if you operate a holiday let, hotel or leisure centre. Furthermore any venue where you have a Hot Tub for customers to use, it must be HSG282 Compliant. Leicester Hot Tubs are proud to offer two American manufactured Spas which are ideal as the Holiday Park Spa option.

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Delivery and installation in Leicestershire, Rutland and the surrounding counties will be free. Please consult us for delivery and setup costs outside this area.

Hot Tubs are a recognised source of diseases caused by infectious agents. For example the organism that causes legionnaires’ disease, primarily Legionella pneumpohila. Moreover there have been a number of outbreaks linked to Holiday Let Spas and Hot Tubs in leisure centres, hotels, holiday homes, on cruise ships and on display sites.

Our Holiday Let options are perfect if you are renting out a holiday home, for hotels or leisure centres. Increase your holiday let occupancy and revenue by adding one our holiday let spa’s to your property. Finally all our holiday let spas conform to the required HSG282 standard.

Other points to consider are for example are, these spas have limited control touchpads. This means the users cannot change settings that you may not want them messing with. You can also control the temperature and set this at a level you decide. Top side air controls and diverters are kept to a minimum once again to minimise issues. Furthermore these spas have the inline feeder chemical system to meet the regulations.