Hot Tub Pumps

We have a comprehensive range of hot tub and spa pumps. Our stock includes pumps from Waterway, Aqua Flo and a selection of Chinese pumps. This includes 1 and 2 speed pumps. 48 Frame and 56 Frame pumps. Also various horsepower variations from 1.5hp to 5hp. All our pumps come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. If you are unsure which pump you require feel free to contact us for advice. Also at the bottom of this page you will find information that might help you.

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How to identify your hot tub or spa pump.

First of all let’s start with the anatomy of the pump. The pump has two main parts the “wet” end and the “dry” end. The “wet” end houses the impeller which moves the water around the spa. The dry end houses the electric motor which moves the impeller. 

As these two parts are separate it is possible to replace just the wet end or the motor. However if your entire pump is more than 2-3 years old we recommend replacing the entire thing. Replacing the entire spa pump will save you headaches in the future.

If you are going to replace the entire hot tub pump there are a few things you will need to know when looking for a new pump.

The place to start first will be a visual check on the pump itself. Labels are commonly found on top of the box on top of the motor. This houses the pump wiring and the capacitors. Similarly a metal plate should to attached on the side of the motor. This may tell you all you need, frame size, horse power and speeds.

What is the horsepower of the pump that you are replacing?

Although you can use a different horsepower pump than what was originally used, it would change the pressure of the water flow coming through your jets. When the manufacturers choose a pump they base the horse power on the number of jets being serviced. It is recommend that if you choose to use a different horsepower that you do not increase by more than one level. Therefore increasing from a 4 HP to 4.5 HP, or 2 HP to 3 HP, should be okay but you would not want to go from a 1 HP to a 4 HP. As this could cause you problems later on with your equipment.

How many speeds?

Generally your pump is either going to be a 1 speed or a 2 speed. If you cannot locate the speed on the pump you can tell by how the pump normally supplies water to your jets. If you push the button once do your jets come on low and then pushing it again takes them to a higher speed? If so this would be a 2 speed. If you are still not sure check the AMPS listed on the pump. If only one number is listed chances are you have a 1 speed. Likewise if two numbers are listed, it most likely a 2 speed pump.

Frame size?

The “frame” means where do the bolts fit that attach the wet end to the motor. Most of the time you can find the frame listed on the label as either 48 or 56. Often with an F indicating that is the “frame” size. If you cannot find an indication of frame size you can measure between the thru-bolts on the pump. A 48 frame will be less than 4 inches between the bolts. Subsequently the 56 frame will be more than 4 inches between the bolts.

The last thing you need to determine is what is the size of the plumbing in your spa?

Both the plumbing that takes the water into the pump and the plumbing that takes the water out of the pump. It is common for people to get confused here and want to measure the size of the hole on their wet end DO NOT do this! You need to look at the PVC pipe within your spa and see what the diameter of the pipe is. This is the size that you will want to use when finding a pump or pump fittings. Most spas will be the same size for both the intake and discharge pipe but be sure to double check just in case yours is one that is not. For example some pumps will a 2.5 inch intake and 2 inch discharge. Generally the plumbing will be either 1.5 inch or 2 inch. Don’t get confused by the position of the discharge. This could be at 9 o’ clock, 12 o’ clock or finally 3 o’ clock. The new pump can easily but adjusted to suit any configuration. Generally the new pump will arrive adjusted to the 12 o’ clock position.

If after all this you are still confused it’s time to use our contact us page and let us help you.