How to identify Balboa Panels.

If you find your topside touchpad panel is faulty, broken or has completely failed this is how to identify it.
1. Firstly you need basic info such as how many pumps you have? Do you have a Blower? or circulation pump? All these points are relevant to you choosing the correct replacement. Furthermore the correct overlay with your new panel.
2. Consider the shape of your existing touch pad. They come in various shapes and various sizes too. Find the correct shape and size would be the ideal way forward. But alas this is not always possible.
3. The safest way to identify your Balboa Panel is to check the manufacturers “Part Number”. This can usually be found on the underside of your existing panel.

Finding the manufacturers Part Number.

The panel can usually be reached from underneath. This can be reached usually by the access to your internal workings. Most spas will have a main area in which the bulk of the electrical items will be. Your panel is often close to this area. You should be able to reach underneath the panel. Using such as a screwdriver push the panel upwards to release it. If it’s stubborn you may need to nip your screwdriver under the front edge. Be careful when doing this not to scratch your shell.

Confirming the part number.

Once released gently lift the panel away. There should be enough cable to remove it far enough to be able to see the underside. If you are lucky a small sticker with a barcode will be there. On this you will find hopefully the actual “Panel Part Number”. For example this will start with “VL”, “ML” or “TP” followed by a number. These numbers can also be cross referenced with your control box number. To ensure your choice is the correct one. Now you can visit the page below to order your new panel. If you are still unsure please contact us for advice.

Please note;
Most of these panels are available with a selection of overlays. If you cannot find the correct overlay configuration please contact us for advice.