Cleaning your hot tub or spa filters.

All hot tub and spa owners are saddled with this chore. Making it a little easier is not difficult. How often you need to clean your filters depends upon how much use your spa gets. The average user will need to clean their filter approximately once week.

How to clean the filters.

  1. Firstly always ensure that you switch your spa off before removing your filters. Doing this will ensure nothing will get sucked down into the system whilst you are cleaning the cartridges. This is good practice and could potentially save you heart ache and money.
  2. Using a hosepipe with strong nozzle jet, not a pressure washer. Thoroughly clean the filter, making sure you reach between each pleat. It is a slow process but a little effort will reap rewards.
  3. Continue to wash the filter until the water coming out runs clear. A good indication is also when the filter pleats start to look “white” again.
  4. Once your happy the filters are clean, replace them back into the filter housing and turn the power back on. If they are screw fit filters be mindful not to over tighten them. Because at this point they will be “cold” and when they get hot they may swell up and be difficult to remove the next time.

Your weekly cleaning will remove debris and dirt etc. However oil’s and grease deposits can build up in the filter. To remove these deposits a monthly clean with a “filter cleaner” is the way forward. Using for example one of the following products;

These products will break down oil’s and greases. These should be used prior to your usual weekly cleaning.