Hot Tub Hire Belton Rutland. Our luxury spa the Relax. This hot tub has seating for 6/7 people. Furthermore it has a 2 speed pump, hydrotherapy jets and a LED waterfall feature. If you are looking for the real deal then this is the hire tub for you. The spa has 4 corner molded seats which include back massage jets.

Do please be aware that before you book this spa consider your access. As well as coming all in one big lump this is a heavy unit. You will require no height restrictions under 220cms and a width of 90cms. There should be no steps or sharp turns in a restricted area. Also your site will need to flat and level with access to water and electric.

If you have any concerns about your access please contact us. Either via email or phone. You could also send images of the area so we can advise what would be best. Hot tub hire to Belton Rutland is free this includes chemicals and set up.