Hot Tub Delivery Oakham Rutland.

The very popular Platinum Spas Refresh, delivered and installed. The access was a little awkward but once again. However once again we managed to squeeze the spa in. As you can see the spa looks well in this lovely garden.

The Refresh is a excellent value for money spa. Offering ample seating options for the average family. Including a lounger and 5 other seating positions. Moreover the spa comes with lots of LED lighting. Additionally a Bluetooth stereo system with marine speakers. We also offer free hot tub delivery to Oakham as standard. As well as free chemicals to get you started.

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Once commissioned the spa will require chemicals. For example; is a perfect option. Whilst using a very small amount chemicals this water care system is ideal. Similarly it’s very kind to the skin. Furthermore it does not leave the users smelling of chemicals.

Should you prefer a double lounger option, we have the Happy.
Both spas are priced at £3895, with Interest Free Credit available. Subject to status and conditions.