How To Choose A Hot Tub Cover Lifter.

So you have decided you have had enough of lifting your heavy cover off your spa. So which coverlifter will be the one for you? There are numerous points to consider.

Points to be considered?

  1. Mounting – do you need a cabinet mounted or base mount? If your spa has strong cabinet walls then cabinet mounted should suit. If the cabinet is not so substantial then a base under mount will be the way forward. Rear centre mounts are always good with round spas. Such as
  2. Space around the spa – what space do you have around the spa? all lifters will need some space on the side the cover opens to. This will vary depending on the type of lifter you choose. If space is no issue then you have a varied choice. If you are short of space then your options will be more limited.
  3. Gas assisted or not? – Some lifters have a gas assisted arm to help with the movement of the cover. This will make the heavier covers more easy to move back and forward. This is not so important on smaller hot tubs.

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