Davey SpaQuip SP601 Panel Touch Pad


Davey SpaQuip SP601 Panel Touch Pad.


Davey SpaQuip SP601 Panel Touch Pad.

Spa Power – Oval Topside Control Panel.

Spa Power (Davey) SP601 Oval Topside Control Panel with 4 button overlay & LCD display screen.

Works With: Davey (Spaquip) Spa Power SP400/500/600/601 hot tub and spa control boxes.

Button Layout: Temp Up / Light / Temp Down / Jets & Blower

Topside Dimensions: 112mm x 49mm

Connections: Ribbon cable & connector

Manufacturers Part Number: Davey/Spaquip – Q71093

Commonly found on: Roto Spas, Monarch Spas and Sapphire Spas.


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