Davey SpaQuip SP601 PCB



Davey SpaQuip SP601 PCB.

Davey Spa Quip Spa Power PCB – SP600 & SP601.

Very common in Sapphire Spas in particular the Coral Sands Quartz and Opal models.

1. 1 speed or 2 speed + circ pump if required.
2. 1 speed only if Pump 1 is one speed with circ pump.
Circ Pump – Yes, optional.
Air Blower – 1 speed or variable speed.
Ozone – Yes.
Heater – Yes 1.5kw & 2kw.
Light – Yes

This PCB will work with Spa Power rectangular SP600 & SP601 topside control pads/panels.

Found in Spa Brands:
For example a common PCB found on spa brands such as Sapphire Spas, Monarch Spas, Roto Spas and others. In particular the Sapphire Spas Coral Sands, Coral Sands Quartz and Opal models. Notably the earlier models will have the SP600. Illustrated by the rectangular Panel. Whereas the SP601 has the oval Panel.