High Back Coverlifter


Hot Tub Coverlifter which is ideal when you have limited space behind the spa,


High Back Coverlifter

High Back Coverlifter Features and Spec,

  • Requires just 12 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side
  • Full-length middle crossbar
  • Powder-coated aluminum tubing with easy-to-install, non-corrosive composite mounting brackets
  • Works on spas up to 8 feet in length or width
  • Also ideal when the spa is to be sunk into decking etc

The High Back Coverlifter requires 30cm space at the back of the hot tub for the cover and cover lifter to fall behind the hot tub. This makes it ideal when space is limited behind the spa. The brackets which attach to the sides of the hot tub are 36cm x 11cm and stick out 11cm on each side.