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Aquafinesse with Bromine, the easy to use once a week treatment.

  • Aquafinesse with Bromine once a week water treatment takes just a few minutes.
  • Everything you need in one box for 3 to 6 months, depending on the size of your spa.
  • Environmentally safe, incredibly simple to use.
  • Dermatologist Tested – Is good for the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean.
  • No discolouration of hair or swimsuits.
  • Gentle lavender aroma.
  • With Bromine

AquaFinesse® is a patented water care solution that allows users to enjoy their hot tubs without the harsh effects of chemicals. Everything you need to experience clean, soft, crystal clear water is in one convenient carrying case. We take the guesswork out of hot tub water care in one easy step per week! You and your family will soak in the most luxurious water without the time and hassle of measuring multiple chemicals.

Use Less Chemicals.

Simply add the solution once a week as directed and that’s it! No more balancing pH levels, adjusting alkalinity, slimy surfaces, water lines or foaming problems. AquaFinesse® saves you time AND money by eliminating the need for additional water care products. We mean it when we say that AquaFinesse® is the TRUE One-Step Solution to Hot Tub Water Care.

Softer Water.

Not only do we make hot tub water care easy, we also make it enjoyable. You will immediately notice the softness and light lavender scent that AquaFinesse® adds to the water. Unlike conventional spa cleaners, AquaFinesse® doesn’t irritate your skin and eyes or damage your hair and swimwear. With AquaFinesse®, you can truly sit back, relax and enjoy soft odor-free water like nature intended.

AquaFinesse™ is a completely different spa maintenance alternative to chlorine or bromine. We provide clean, clear and odour-free water with only one dose per week. AquaFinesse™ also softens hot tub water by eliminating calcium and scale build-up from the tub’s equipment. Our product not only makes your life easier, it also extends the lifetime of your hot tub up to three times longer than with the use of traditional sanitisers!

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