Balboa NORGS500Z PCB 55882


Balboa NORGS500Z PCB 55882


Balboa NORGS500Z PCB 55882

This is a genuine Balboa NORGS500Z PCB 55882 circuit board found fitted to Balboa GS500Z series spa control packs on many Nordic spas, also commonly found in Omni Hot Tubs and Cove Spas.


1 Pump – 1 or 2 Speed + Circ Pump if required
Ozone – Yes
Heater – Yes
Light – Yes
Sensors – M7

This PCB will work with Balboa’s Duplex VL range of topside controls.

All replacement Balboa PCB’s should be fitted with all the dip switch settings set to the same position as your faulty/original PCB. Also the board should be fitted by a qualified tradesman or competent person. Please note an incorrect installation will void Balboa’s manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore once installed these cannot be returned, all Balboa PCB’s are fully tested before they are dispatched to customers.

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