Hot Tub Heat Pumps Leicester

Vian Air Source Heat Pumps For Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Heat Pumps Leicester

If you are looking to reduce the amount of energy your hot tub or swimspa uses a Vian Air Source Heat Pump is the answer. You can save between 50% and 75% of the electric used to heat your water. Prices start from £1199.00 Including Standard Fitting.



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How It Works

Hot Tub Heat Pumps Leicester how it works.

Low Cost Hot Tub Heating does that sound good to you?

The Air Source heat pump will basically replace your conventional hot tub heater which will become dormant. The unit will be sited as close to the hot tub as possible. A series of water pipes are plumbed into the circulation system of your hot tub from the heat pump. The electric source comes from within your hot tub control box.


How does it work?

This relationship between the power used by the heat pump and the heat it generates is referred to as Coefficient of Performance (CoP). For example, if a heat pump has a CoP of 8, then it will produce 8 x units of heat for every one unit of electricity consumed. The electric heater in a hot tub or swim spa is known as a resistance heater. And is very much like the element in a kettle. This resistance heater can only ever have a CoP of 1. Moreover this means for every 1 x kilowatt of power used by the electric heater then only 1 x kilowatt of heat is produced. If compared with a standard electric heater in a hot tub, then we can easily see that an air source heat pump is a far more efficient. Therefore a more costeffective way of heating your hot tub or swim spa. This is because using the example CoP of 5. For every 1 kilowatt of power consumed by the heat pump 5 x kilowatts of heat are produced. The CoP of an air source heat pump will vary depending on the ambient temperature and the mode function set on the air source heat pump. Finally if you would like to reduce the electric used by your hot tub a Vian Air Source Heat Pump is the solution.

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