Surex Oxysure OO2

Non Chlorine Active Oxygen Surex OO2 Oxysure™

Surex OO2 Oxysure is Active Oxygen and has no smell or no taste. It can be used in Spas, Hot Tubs, Above Ground Pools, Swimming Pools and Baths. Surex OO2 basically replaces the daily application of Chlorine Granules. Therefore leaving you with a clean water. Having no smell no taste almost natural feeling water in your pool or spa.

Active Oxygen is ecologically friendly and suitable for those with Asthma, Ezcema and similiar complaints. Surex OO2 Oxysure is a granular Hot Tub Chemical. And is very easy to apply to water with provided scoop and is very safe to handle.

Oxysure OO2 is a per oxygen, it liberates oxygen and is as powerful as any chlorine donor and more powerful than bromine.

OO2 Oxysure is the ultimate in swimming comfort. There are no offensive odours, there is no taste.

Surex Oxysure is more conductive to a safer ecology. For instance no CFC’s are given off into the atmosphere and the compound cannot affect the environment. So when the pool water is backwashed down the drain, thus can be named ‘green friendly’

The compound cannot produce the wheezes associated with the use of chlorine in indoor applications and the irritating rashes often experienced with bromine.

Surex OO2 Oxysure is far more gentle on the fabric of the pool. Also liners and ancillary equipment especially covers and pool cleaners.

The compound has far less effect on the degredation of air conditioning systems than chlorine substances and gives a superior atmospheric environment.

It can be purchased in either a 5kg or 1kg containers. If you have very sensitive skin and find chlorine and bromine irritates your skin this might be the treatment for you.