Balboa VL700S Panel 53812



Balboa VL700S Panel 53812 – 53811 Topside Control Touchpad.

Balboa VL700S 53812 Panel Topside spa control touchpad. With overlay from Balboa Water Group’s Standard VL range.

For identification the rear panel may have the S/N 53812 on a label.


Width: 248mm
Height: 80mm

Button Configuration:

If your button configuration differs from the standard just let us know and we will supply the correct overlay configuration.

7 Button – Mode/Warm/Cool/Lights/Blower/Jets1/Jets2 – S/N 53811 Overlay Comes as standard.
Other options are as below:
1. 7 Button – Mode/Warm/Cool/Aux/Lights/Jets1/Jets2 – S/N 11892.
2. 6 Button – Mode/Warm/Cool/Lights/Jets1/Jets2 – S/N 11756.


LCD Displays.
Large, easy-to-read displays.
Reliable communication interface.
Maintenance reminders & alerts.
Water-resistant connectors.