Balboa VL401 Panel 52424


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Balboa VL401 Panel 52424 Topside Control Touchpad.

The VL401 is part of Balboa’s VL Duplex range & comes complete with a telephone cord style connector. It is designed to work with Global Series (GS) Series hot tub control systems. The sleek panels have LCD displays that have moving function indicator icons, maintenance reminders, and service alerts on the easy-to-read screen.

For identification the rear panel may have the s/n 52424 or 52424-01 on a label.


Width: 160mm (6.3″)
Height: 56mm (2.2″)

Button Configuration:

If your button configuration differs from the standard just let us know and we will supply the correct overlay configuration.

Jets + Lights + Cool + Warm – S/N 11885 Overlay Comes as standard.
Other options are as below:
Blank + Jets + Temp + Light -S/N 10839
Jets + Jets + Temp + Light – S/N 11671
Blower + Jets + Temp + Light – S/N 10669


LCD Displays.
Large, easy-to-read displays.
Reliable communication interface.
Maintenance reminders & alerts.
Water-resistant connectors.