Balboa GS500Z PCB 53356


Balboa GS500Z PCB 53356 circuit board.


Balboa GS500Z PCB 53356

This Balboa GS500Z PCB 53356 circuit board is a direct replacement for s/n 53356 found fitted to Balboa GS series spa control packs on many Canadian Spa Company spas.

PCB Specifications:

1 Pump – One or Two Speed + Circulation Pump if needed.
2 Pump – N/A
3 Pump – N/A
Air Blower – N/A
Ozone – Yes
Heater – Yes
Light – 12 Volt
Sensors – 2x M7
Pressure Switch – No

Compatible Topside Controls:

This PCB will work with Balboa’s Duplex VL range of topside controls such as the 3 button VL200 or VL404.

Used By Spa Brands:

Found on spa brands such as Canadian Spa Company.

Additional Information:

The part number of your PCB will be clearly stated on the side of the large transformer lacated on the board and not to be confused with the GS500 or GS500Z label on the bottom right hand corner, match up the correct 5 digit number which is 53356.

The 53356 is a Canadian Spa specific PCB code from Balboa and so you will receive the correct replacement board.

Similarly this PCB should be fitted with all the dip switch settings set to the same position as your faulty PCB. As well as should be fitted by a qualified tradesman or competent person. Likewise an incorrect installation will void Balboa’s manufacturers warranty. Furthermore all Balboa PCB’s are fully tested before they are dispatched to customers. Finally these are non returnable once they have been powered up.

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