Balboa GS100 2kw Heater 58201-01



Balboa GS100 2kw Heater 58201-01.

Genuine replacement 2kw Balboa hot tub heater assembly for the new plastic GS100 spa control packs. This new heater replaces the older 5.5″ 2kw heater due to high failure rate. The old heater was too short and sensors too close together. Therefore causing the heaters to burn out. Thus the new longer heater does not have this issue. Although some plumbing modifications may have to be made. To allow it to fit in the place of the shorter model.

These remote heaters use the latest M7 sensor technology. As well as a sensor at each end of the heater tube to determine water temperature and water flow rate.

Features/Supplied With:

2kw Incoloy heating element.
1.5″ plumbing union connections, actual internal diameter of collars are approx 62mm.
1.5″ O’ring gaskets to seal pipework against the metal heater assembly tube.
2 x 1.5″ Heater union tail pieces with a 1.5″ socket for gluing onto 1.5″ pipework.
24″ M7 sensors.


Heater Length: 260mm.
Overal length including tail pieces: 375mm.
Heater Diameter: 1.5″/50mm.

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