Balboa Auxiliary 3kw Heater 58133



Balboa Auxiliary 3kw Heater 58133 (slave heater).

This Balboa Auxiliary 3kw Heater 58133 is fitted in-line and can be used with nearly all Balboa packs with M7 sensors. Typically for larger spas & hot tubs that require additional heating.

However always consult a professional to ensure your RCD and cabling is correct prior installation.


length: 15 inches.
Diameter: 2 inches.
Between terminals: 1.25 inches.
Overall length complete: 19.5 inches.

Volts: 230.
Hz: 50.
KW: 3.0
Amps: 11.5-12.0
Material spec: Incoloy.
Required flow rate: 21gpm.

Flow detection: This Heater has a built in high limit sensor. Additionally the flow detection is governed by the master control box.

Can Be Used With:

GS500, GS500Z, GS501, GS501Z (with 3.0KW on label only), GS501SZ, GS510, GS510S, GS510Z, GS510SZ, GS511SZ, GS523DZ, GL2000 mach 3, GL2001 mach 3 and others.

Additional Info:

The Heater is housed inside of a control box housing and is fitted inline. As well as having a in built high limit sensor. However flow detection is governed by the master control hot tub pack.


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