Balboa 3kw Heater 58107 Plastic Box



Balboa 3kw Heater 58107 Plastic Box.

These Balboa 3kw heaters distinguish themselves as they are held in place with two fixing studs. One at the top and one underneath, they are specific to Plastic Balboa Packs.


Length: 15 inches.
Diameter: 2 inches.
Distance Between terminals: 1.25 inches.
Complete length (inc. unions): 19.5 inches.


Balboa Number: 58115.
KW: 3.0kw.
Flow Rate Required: 21 GPM.
Amps: 11.5 to 12.0
Volts: 230.
Hz: 50.
Element: Incoloy.
Plumbing Connection: 2 inches.