Aquasafe Spa Crossover Cleanser



AquaSafe Spa Crossover Cleanser.

Eco-Friendly, Deep Penetrating, Chemical-Free Spa Cleanser.

Created for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Easy to use – just pour into spa.

Eliminates scale and corrosion.
Non-toxic to the environment.
Prevents mineral build-up.
Prolongs equipment life.

AquaSafe 90 Spa Cleanser will naturally clean away any contaminants and residues already present. Also deep within a spa’s plumbing and fittings.

To be used in conjunction with AquaSafe 90 Water-care Formula.

…the natural way.



If your spa cover has a zip closure it is important to unzip the cover. (DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER – IT’S DIFFICULT TO PUT BACK ON), Then flush the inside with your garden hose. The inside has been known to harbour moulds, mildew and bacteria. All of which drip from condensation through the cover back into the spa water.

How to use AquaSafe 90 Spa Cleanser

Directions for use in ordinary tap water.

This is a two-step process. Unless your spa is brand new Otherwise you will need to remove all excess build-up of contaminants in your spa’s system. By using AquaSafe 90 Spa Cleanser before using AquaSafe 90. We suggest you do not use the spa during the cleanser process.


AquaSafe 90 Spa Cleanser

1 Remove your cartridge filter for the duration of the cleanser process. We also recommend you clean or replace your filter at this time.

2 Shake bottle well before use and pour the Aquasafe 90 Spa Cleanser into the old water. If the spa is 2-3 years old or more, use two bottles.

3 Let the spa circulate with the water temperature between 35-37ºC. Preferably for a minimum of 8 hours per day, for 5 days.

4 After 5 days, drain the old water from the Spa. When the water level reaches the footwell use a hosepipe* and add fresh water whilst still draining. This will flush the water from the lower pipework. Furthermore do this for 10 minutes, clean and refill Spa.

5 Clean both sides of the cover with some of the AquaSafe 90 and rinse thoroughly. If the cover has any breaks or tears, we recommend it be replaced.

*When using a hosepipe please ensure it is flushed thoroughly before use.