Aquasafe Filter Cleaner


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AquaSafe 90 Filter Cleaner.

Eco-Friendly, Deep Penetrating, Chemical-Free
Filter Cleaner.

Created for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Easy to use – water control made simple!


Safe to use with all filters.
Non-toxic to the environment.
Enzymes break down oils and greases.
Prolongs equipment life.
Finally, it has a fresh citrus scent.


AquaSafe 90 Filter Cleaner will naturally clean away any contaminants. Additionally any residues already present, deep within a spa’s filter.
To be used in conjunction with AquaSafe 90 Water-care Formula.

…the natural way


1. Add 2-capfuls per 10 litres (small filter) or 4-capfuls per 20 litres (large filter) of hot water, in with filter and soak 2-3 hours.

2. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry. Spa filters should be cleaned every week or two depending on usage. Likewise heavy users should clean the filters more often.

Cleaner should be used every 5-6 weeks. Moreover your weekly clean does not remove all contaminants. For example oils and greases which might collect in the cartridge. However the cleaner will break these deposits down.